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Clients often know what to do to make their lives more productive, successful, and satisfying.  The problem is the fear, perfectionism, procrastination, putting others first -- which keep us from moving forward.  Effective psychotherapy can help you identify how you are keeping yourself "stuck", so you can create the life you want.


We'll work together to make the best decision about medication for you and your family.


Medications prescribed include those for insomnia, anxiety, depression, ADHD, panic attacks, PTSD, oppositional defiant disorder, and tobacco cessation.


Welcome!  As a board-certified family psychiatric/mental health nurse practitioner, I provide therapy and medication to people with a wide variety of challenges, including anxiety, depression, grief, sleep disturbances, and ADHD.  Whether you're going through a tough time or wanting to make major changes in your life, I'd be honored to work with you and/or your family.

Research has shown a combination of therapy and medication is most helpful for most people.  Wouldn't it be nice to get both from the same person?  

New clients accepted!  I offer a free 20-minute in-person visit so you can decide if we're a good fit.  I look forward to meeting you, and hearing how I can be of service.

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